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Today we have the pleasure of speaking with Omair Tariq, CEO and co-founder of, a leading ecommerce solutions platform. has been making waves in the industry by providing an all-in-one ecommerce software solution that aims to help brands scale and grow their online businesses.

AlphaFund: Thank you for joining us today, Omair. Can you start by giving our readers some background on and what makes your platform unique?

Omair Tariq: Absolutely. was born out of the realization that most ecommerce platforms are extremely limited in their capabilities. As ecommerce stores try to scale, they quickly outgrow entry-level solutions and are forced to cobble together multiple third-party apps and tools to achieve the customization and advanced functionality they need. This fragmented approach creates all sorts of headaches and tech debt.

With, we’ve developed a true enterprise-grade SaaS platform with powerful built-in capabilities for merchandising, marketing, payments, fulfillment, and more. Our customers get a fully integrated solution out-of-the-box while still maintaining the flexibility to customize as needed. No more juggling disparate systems and point solutions.

AlphaFund: That seems to address a major pain point in the market. What types of brands and businesses is built for?

Omair Tariq: While works for businesses of all sizes, we really shine when it comes to supporting direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands and omnichannel retailers with larger catalogs and more complex operational needs. Elite brands like K●llstar, ThinOptics, and Van Leeuwen Ice Cream have all migrated to from legacy ecommerce platforms.

Our platform allows these brands to unify ecommerce, point-of-sale, subscriptions, and omnichannel fulfillment on a single tech stack. Robust B2B capabilities, global payments, and advanced merchandising tools are also key differentiators as brands scale and expand internationally.

AlphaFund: You’ve amassed an impressive roster of customers. What are some of the biggest challenges these brands were facing prior to

Omair Tariq: One major hurdle is technology constraints. Most traditional ecommerce platforms have severe product limitations and lack the modern architecture required for seamless integrations and customizations. solves this with our API-first, headless approach that essentially turns our platform into a robust commerce engine powering any customer touchpoint.

Omnichannel operations are also a huge sticking point. Many brands come to us struggling with disjointed systems for ecommerce, POS, fulfillment, inventory management, etc. Our unified commerce cloud pulls all those functions into one place for a true single source of operational truth.

Lastly, we hear a lot about merchandising challenges. Having a world-class storefront experience with AI-driven search, personalization, A/B testing, and advanced promotions is critical for standing out and driving conversions. delivers all that and more out-of-the-box.

AlphaFund: Those are some compelling differentiators. You clearly have big ambitions for – where do you see the company in 5 years?

Omair Tariq: Great question. Our vision is for to establish itself as the definitive ecommerce platform and operating system for brands and retailers. Just as Salesforce became the standard for CRM, we want to be that trusted, enterprise-grade solution powering commerce for all the iconic brands of the future.

To get there, we’ll continue expanding our global presence and capabilities to serve customers in new markets and verticals. Strategic acquisitions, partnerships, and further strengthening of our platform’s native feature set will be key focus areas. We’re investing heavily in areas like headless checkout, visual merchandising, distributed order management, and composable commerce architectures.

Ultimately, through relentless innovation and customer centricity, aims to make ecommerce easier, faster, and smarter for sellers of all sizes. In five years, we want to be the go-to platform underpinning the entire commerce journey for brands worldwide.

AlphaFund: Well you’ve certainly painted an exciting vision for the future. A key part of realizing that is continuing to attract top talent to build out the platform and team. What’s your philosophy on hiring and company culture?

Omair Tariq: Hiring the right people is absolutely crucial, especially in the fast-moving software industry. At, we prize innovation, moving fast, and challenging the status quo. So we want team members who aren’t afraid to think differently, take calculated risks, and constantly push the boundaries of what’s possible.

That said, we also deeply value emotional intelligence, empathy, and the ability to collaborate across functions. Having smart, driven people is one thing – but they need to be wired to put the team and customer first. We strive for a culture of mutual respect, knowledge-sharing, and bringing an entrepreneurial mindset to every challenge.

From an experience perspective, we’ve built an incredibly diverse team pulling from top technology companies, consulting firms, ecommerce brands, and more. Getting that mix of standout talent from various backgrounds is so valuable in an emerging space like ours.

Fostering an environment of continuous learning is also critical. We’re solving hard, novel problems every day. So we emphasize giving people the training, mentorship, and autonomy to develop new skill sets rapidly on the job.

AlphaFund: It sounds like you’re really working to build a special culture and environment to accompany the innovative technology you’re creating. Before we wrap up, let’s dive into some quick FAQ-style questions:

FAQ on and the Ecommerce Platform Space:

Q: What pricing and plans does offer?

A: has several pricing tiers based on a brand’s annual ecommerce revenue. Plans start at $99/month for businesses under $500K in online sales. Enterprise pricing for larger merchants is custom-quoted based on requirements.

Q: How long does it take to migrate to the platform?

A: Migration timelines vary, but strives for a 60-90 day implementation process for most customers leveraging their Migration Success program and professional services packages.

Q: Does integrate with other ecommerce tools?

A: Yes, connects to a broad ecosystem of third-party apps and tools through APIs and pre-built integrations. While it has a rich native feature set, is designed to be an extensible platform.

Q: What types of support does provide?

A: All plans include 24/7 support through phone, chat, and email channels. There is also an online knowledge base, developer resources, and professional services like implementation consulting.

Q: Is a hosted or self-hosted platform?

A: is a fully cloud-hosted SaaS platform managed and automatically updated in the cloud environment. Businesses don’t need to worry about hosting, security, upgrades, etc.

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