The Future of Business Education: An Interview with Quantic’s Visionary Leader

Interview with Quantic

AlphaFund: Thanks for joining us today. Can you start by telling us a bit about Quantic and what your company does?

Quantic: Absolutely, it’s a pleasure to be here. Quantic is a venture-backed startup that is revolutionizing higher education. We offer a highly selective online MBA and Executive MBA that delivers a world-class business education in an innovative, mobile-first format. Our programs are designed for smart, ambitious professionals who want to accelerate their careers without putting them on pause.

Our interactive courses, taught by leading business school professors, combine the engagement of live teaching with the flexibility and affordability of online learning. Students progress through the curriculum by completing interactive case studies, participating in team projects, and demonstrating mastery of concepts through regular assessments. The entire experience is mobile-first, so busy professionals can complete coursework anywhere, anytime.

AlphaFund: That’s really interesting. How does Quantic’s approach differ from traditional online MBA programs?

Quantic: We’ve completely reimagined the online learning experience. Rather than long video lectures, our interactive lessons are broken into bite-sized segments that keep students actively engaged. The curriculum also adapts to each student’s knowledge and skill level. If you demonstrate mastery of a concept, you can move through it more quickly. If you need more practice, the course adapts to provide that.

We’ve also woven social and collaborative learning throughout the experience. Students complete projects with classmates, participate in vibrant discussions, and build relationships with a tight-knit community of exceptional peers. This allows students to develop the communication, collaboration and leadership skills that are so critical to success in the modern workplace.

Importantly, we’ve eliminated the barriers of cost and admission that prevent so many qualified candidates from pursuing an MBA. Our tuition is a small fraction of what most top business schools charge. And we admit students based on their talent and potential, not their test scores or backgrounds. As a result, we’ve built an incredibly diverse student body.

AlphaFund: Can you share some of the results you’re seeing from this new model? What kind of outcomes are your students achieving?

Quantic: We’re seeing outstanding results. 98% of our students complete the program on time, which is nearly unheard of in online education. Our students and alumni routinely earn promotions, switch careers, and take on larger leadership roles soon after completing the program.

Many have gone on to start their own ventures or join fast-growing startups. And increasingly, employers are coming to us directly to recruit from our exceptional talent pool. Top companies like Amazon, Microsoft, BCG, and McKinsey have all hired Quantic graduates.

We’ve also built a powerful global alumni network of driven, supportive professionals spanning over 100 countries. Quantic graduates have a unique bond and routinely help each other navigate career challenges and opportunities. It’s been amazing to see this community flourish.

AlphaFund: What do you see as the future of business education? How do you think the MBA will evolve in the coming years?

Quantic: The traditional MBA is at an inflection point. The exorbitant costs, the two-year time commitment, the lack of diversity – these issues have been brewing for years. And now with the rapid pace of technological change, the skills and knowledge that MBA programs teach are becoming obsolete faster than ever.

I believe we’ll see a shift towards more flexible, affordable, and adaptive models of business education like Quantic. Programs that can rapidly integrate new content and skills into the curriculum. Programs that leverage technology to personalize the learning experience. And programs that admit students based on their potential, not just their pedigree.

We’ll also see a blurring of the lines between education and career. The days of stepping out of the workforce for two years to pursue an MBA are numbered. Professionals will demand educational experiences that integrate seamlessly with their careers, that allow them to apply new skills and knowledge in real-time.

Finally, I think we’ll see a move away from the one-size-fits-all MBA towards a diversity of specialized programs tailored to specific industries, functions, and career stages. The skills needed to thrive in tech, for example, are very different from those in finance or healthcare. Business education will need to reflect that.

AlphaFund: Those are some bold predictions. How is Quantic positioned to lead this transformation?

Quantic: We’re incredibly well-positioned. We’ve already built the most innovative and effective online MBA program in the market. Our learning platform is truly revolutionary and our student outcomes speak for themselves.

But we’re not resting on our laurels. We’re constantly iterating and improving our programs based on student feedback and industry trends. We’re investing heavily in our technology to make the learning experience even more personalized and engaging. And we’re expanding our catalog with new specialized programs in areas like product management, data science, and entrepreneurship.

Most importantly, we have an exceptional team that is passionate about our mission. From our faculty to our engineers to our student support staff, everyone at Quantic is dedicated to empowering the next generation of business leaders. With this team and our strong financial backing, I’m confident we can lead the charge in redefining business education.

AlphaFund: This has been really enlightening. Any closing thoughts you’d like to share with our audience?

Quantic: If you’re a smart, ambitious professional looking to accelerate your career, I encourage you to check out Quantic. We’re offering a truly revolutionary educational experience and an unparalleled global network. Our application is free and we have monthly start dates, so there’s no reason not to explore if Quantic could be a fit for you and your career goals. Thanks again for having me.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is eligible for Quantic’s MBA and EMBA programs?

A: Quantic’s programs are highly selective, but we admit students based on their talent and potential, not arbitrary criteria like test scores. Successful applicants are typically accomplished professionals with strong academic records and 5-10 years of work experience (2-3 for the MBA, and 8-12 for the EMBA). We look for evidence of career progression, leadership, and impact.

Q: How long does the program take to complete?

A: The MBA program is designed to be completed in 10 months. The Executive MBA program, which covers more advanced material, takes 14 months. Both programs are built for busy professionals, with an expected commitment of about 8-10 hours per week.

Q: What is the application process?

A: Our free application is entirely online and can be completed in about 20 minutes. In addition to basic background information, we ask for a CV/resume and written responses to a few short questions. Selected candidates are invited to a 30 minute interview, after which final decisions are made. We have monthly cohort start dates.

Q: How much does the program cost?

A: Quantic’s tuition is a small fraction of typical top MBA programs. Exact pricing varies by program and cohort. Check our website for the latest figures. We also offer scholarships to exceptional candidates.

Q: Is Quantic accredited?

A: Yes, Quantic is nationally accredited by the Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC) and licensed by the Office of the State Superintendent of Education (OSSE) in Washington, DC. Quantic’s accreditation allows us to confer MBA and Executive MBA degrees.

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