Modular Blockchain Developer 0G Labs Raises $35 Million In Pre-Seed Funding By Benzinga

In the dynamic world of blockchain technology, 0G Labs, also known as Zero Gravity Labs, has recently achieved a significant milestone by securing a successful pre-seed funding round of $35 million. AlphaFund, known for partnering with venture capital firms across North America and interviewing founders from various industries, sat down with Michael Heinrich, co-founder and CEO of 0G Labs. In this exclusive interview, we explore the intricacies of their seed funding success, the company’s objectives, and the future that lies ahead.

Interview with Michael Heinrich of 0G Labs

Q1: Can you introduce 0G Labs and share what led to the successful closure of your seed funding round?
A1: 0G Labs is an innovative firm dedicated to the development of a modular blockchain focused on decentralized artificial intelligence applications. Our successful pre-seed funding round can largely be credited to our unique positioning in the market and the creative approach we adopt towards creating a decentralized cap table for investors.

Q2: Congratulations on raising $35 million in your pre-seed round. How does this financial milestone align with 0G Lab’s goals?
A2: Thank you. This funding boosts us towards our ambitious goal of revolutionizing the blockchain space with our innovations in decentralized artificial intelligence applications. It gives us the financial muscle needed to invest in our technology and propel us towards our objective of delivering unmatched value to our users.

Q3: Who were the key investors in this seed round, and what drove them to invest in 0G Labs?
A3: Our seed funding round witnessed the participation of several investors including Hack VC, OKX Ventures, GSR, Animoca Brands, Arca, NGC Ventures, DWF Labs, and several others. Our innovative approach towards creating a decentralized cap table and our potential to reshape the blockchain space drove them to invest in 0G Labs.

Q4: Operating within the blockchain technology industry, how does 0G Labs aim to impact this sector?
A4: At 0G Labs, our primary aim is to redefine the blockchain space by developing a modular blockchain focused on decentralized artificial intelligence applications. We envision a future where our technology transforms how transactions occur in the blockchain space enhancing the overall user experience and value propositions across the board.

Q5: With the pre-seed funding secured, what are the main objectives or plans for utilizing this capital?
A5: The secured funding will primarily be utilized to further develop our technology, invest in market research, and expand our team. We are also keen in attracting additional talent that can propel us towards achieving our mission in this industry.

Q6: Could you share some significant milestones or achievements of 0G Labs that were pivotal in securing this seed funding?
A6: The success of our seed funding is largely a result of our rigorous efforts in innovation and the progress we have demonstrated since our inception. Our successful creation of a decentralized cap table with numerous investors has been a key achievement that attracted more investors in our seed funding round.

Q7: How will the seed round influence 0G Labs’ future plans and growth strategy? Are there any upcoming projects or directions that are now possible because of this funding?
A7: This funding will significantly drive our future plans and growth strategy. It helps us to invest more into our technology, attract industry-leading talent, and continue aiding our mission to transform the blockchain and artificial intelligence spaces. Furthermore, it opens up new project avenues that will revolutionize how users interact with blockchain.

Through this insightful conversation with Michael Heinrich, it’s clear that 0G Labs is on a trajectory of growth and innovation, fueled by their recent pre-seed funding. AlphaFund, with its extensive network of VC partnerships across North America, continues to spotlight the journeys of companies like 0G Labs, showcasing the vibrant landscape of opportunities and entrepreneurial spirit across the blockchain industry.

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